AtKisson Training Group enjoys a professional association with:

Kristin A. Bennett, Ph.D.
KB Science
KB Science has deep scientific expertise and experience in designing and winning funding for large research enterprises, including success in public-private partnerships, national laboratories, and independent non-profits.

David O’Gara
O-Studios is an expert provider for 2D/3D animation, graphic design, illustration, visual effects, and web graphics for both commercial and academic presentations.

Amanda Welch, Ph.D.
Scientific Dispatches Consulting LLC

Scientific Dispatches Consulting provides editorial services vital to the production of polished, clear, and concise manuscripts, reports, grants, and presentations.

Shannon Kelly
Coaching + Consulting

Shannon Kelly is a gifted coach who helps people be more creatively and spiritually fulfilled; bold, alive, and awake; and at peace with themselves and their lives. She works with academic researchers on whole life fulfillment and success.