Research Leadership Development

Moving to the next level in a research career often requires skills that are not taught as part of research training. We use proven leadership development approaches modified for the academic research environment in an eight-week, small-group program.

Research Leadership DevelopmentEarly Investigators

Funding is necessary to establish a sustainable research trajectory, but a strategic plan for a research and career trajectory can have a big impact on competitiveness for funding. The leadership development & coaching program for early-stage investigators runs over eight weeks and is designed to help investigators focus their time and talents and provide a solid base for success.

Established Investigators

When established investigators are ready to take on higher-level challenges, such as running centers or large collaborative groups, they need additional skill sets in leadership and communication. In this 8-week program we work to establish approaches to build new programs or to help change the status quo. This program is not designed for those moving to administrative roles, but focused on research leadership skills.

Both programs can be combined with other services (see Comprehensive Initiation).