Our new Handbook for Planning and Writing Successful Grant Proposals helps you through the grant writing process, starting with the early stages of planning your project.

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ATG = Initiation

In the language of DNA, every gene starts with the same word, the initiation codon ATG. Our goal is to help you initiate projects, programs, and positions with the tools needed for long-term growth and success.

We provide:

Tuning Forks

Services can be combined to meet your needs. For example, work on a high-value proposal can begin with research leadership training, or we can provide your faculty with follow-up work after full-day seminar with group or individual proposal coaching (see Comprehensive Initiation). ATG has a flexible and "open source" approach. With our consultants and network of affiliates, we have the resources to meet your needs for research development in any discipline, whether building from scratch or fine tuning.