Our new Handbook for Planning and Writing Successful Grant Proposals helps you through the grant writing process, starting with the early stages of planning your project.

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How we differ

Grant Writing Training

Writing a winning grant application requires more than clear organization and word-smithing on the page. It requires that the applicant is ready to go, will be seen as the right person, and has both the right idea and the plan for executing it. Our open source approach focuses on the fundamentals—the why beneath the how—while also providing concrete and actionable tools that can impact both the proposal and the person. In our seminars, we use a combination of "in-classroom flipped classroom", audience participation, and other engagement techniques. 

Faculty Development

compass pointing toward career

Leadership skills are rarely taught to research faculty and often the language of leadership in the business world doesn’t translate easily for scientists and scholars particularly when those skills are needed to lead a research team. We base our approach on proven tools and techniques, adapted for research faculty. We serve primarily as coaches for practical skill development and can support faculty at any point in their careers, focusing on research leadership development.

By combining research development and grant writing skills, we can also offer a sustained Comprehensive Initiation program for cohorts, for individual faculty members, and for groups engaged in large, multi-investigator projects.

Networks of Experts

No individual has all of the skills needed or experience with every agency. For specific projects, we bring in experts with strong backgrounds and skills to provide the best service we can to help you succeed. And, if we do not have right team for your project, we'll refer you the consultants we think will serve you better. Our primary goal is your success.