Our new Handbook for Planning and Writing Successful Grant Proposals helps you through the grant writing process, starting with the early stages of planning your project.

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Comprehensive Early Faculty Initiation

By combining services, we can provide a year-long faculty initiation package for individuals beginning a faculty position or for a cohort of three to eight individuals, whether part of a cluster hire or brought together from different departments. The process is designed for pre-tenure faculty, ideally in the first to third year as assistant professors. It includes:

Activities are also designed to promote the development of a peer cohort for mutual mentoring and support as the participants advance in their careers.


Comprehensive Large Project Initiation

In the worst-case scenario, "teams" for high-value proposals are built simply by asking for biosketches. Here we combine research leadership development for advanced investigators with support for high-value proposals to create a solid team that can envision, design, and propose a large center or multi-investigator project. 

When investigators come together as a true team for large proposals, it is reflected in the quality of the proposal. More importantly, good team formation helps set up the structures for a center that will run successfully.