Our new Handbook for Planning and Writing Successful Grant Proposals helps you through the grant writing process, starting with the early stages of planning your project.

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Grant Proposal Development

Grant Proposal Development

We provide direct critique, support, and coaching to help an individual or small team develop a competitive grant application. This program takes 4-6 months total, and includes written critiques, direct editorial suggestions, and face-to-face (in-person or videoconference) discussions. The Group Coaching, Group Intensive Coaching, and individual consultations provide individualized feedback and instruction in the context of a proposal being prepared for submission. The ultimate goal of the coaching programs is for the participant to learn and internalize the methods sufficiently that they carry that knowledge forward into all future proposals.

Group-based work

In standard Group Coaching, individuals who have attended a full-day training apply to a program sponsored by the institution, and participants are chosen on a competitive basis. This ensures that the participants take the process seriously and helps to protect the institutional investment. Group programs include an on-site group meeting with a mock review panel and individual meetings with participants. Group programs are also designed to promote a culture of mutual support and collaboration.

In Group Intensive Coaching, the timing and content of proposal feedback are similar to that of Group Coaching, but the content of the seminar is delivered as just-in-time modules via videoconference at specific points in the process. 

Individual consultations

For work on a single proposal, individual researchers or small collaborative teams recieve intensive feedback and editing. Individual consultations can be expanded to one-on-one coaching for career planning.